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Simulating neural spike trains

The goal of this tutorial is to understand how neurons encode a stimulus by simulating spike trains using MATLAB. Continue reading

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Picture from the cerebellum

Cerebellum is one of the regions in the brain where neurons are beautifully organized. Here is a picture from the cerebellum of a transgenic mouse expressing ChR2 (ChannelRhodopsin-2) and eYFP (Yellow Fluorescent Protein) in the basket cells of the cerebellum. … Continue reading

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Connected topoplot: Visualize networks in your EEG data

In my previous post, I wrote about the Phase Locking Value statistic that can be used to quantify neural synchrony between two electrodes and how it can be a proxy for connectivity. Once you have quantified changes in connectivity using … Continue reading

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Phase Locking Value

Phase Locking Value (PLV) is a statistic that can be used to investigate task-induced changes in long range synchronization of neural activity from EEG data. This method is introduced in Lachaux et al., (1999). I have implemented the computation of … Continue reading

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