Praneeth Namburi
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I am Praneeth Namburi, a Neuroscience graduate student at the Brain and Cognitive Sciences department, Massachussets Institute of Technology (MIT). I graduated from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore in 2008 majoring in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I am interested in discovering the neural basis of cognition by understanding the computations performed at the microcircuit level in the brain.


I’ll be posting some of my work on this blog, work that I think would benefit the community and which in itself does not warrant publication in peer-reviewed journals. Most of my posts, at least in the beginning few months, are going to be related to analyzing neuroscience data (fMRI, EEG, Electrophysiology) using MATLAB. I will make most of my software available to the community through the MATLAB Central website.


My Matlab Software button


A little bit more about myself. Upon graduating from NTU, I worked as a Research Assistant for three years in two Neuroscience Labs at DUKE-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore. At the Chee Lab, I worked with EEG and fMRI technologies to collect data from healthy human participants to study attention. I developed software packages for isolating stimulus-evoked transient networks of synchronization from EEG data, multi-voxel pattern analysis of fMRI data and for retinotopically demarcating visual areas. At the Augustine Lab, I learnt mouse colony management and worked with optogenetic mice. I developed a wireless photostiumulation device for in-vivo experiments on optogenetic mice (poster). I also developed a software package for analyzing optogenetic circuit mapping data collected on an Olympus rig using Scanning Laser Photostimulation method. Here are the journal papers I contributed to, listed on PUBMED.


For comments, suggestions or even to just say ‘hi’, send me an email – praneeth ‘at’ mit.edu



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